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Artist in Residence Caroline Ferrante with regional & national songwriters from DC’s quirkiest venue- The Mansion on O

ARS #8 Leni Stern & The Roots of Roots Music

April 2nd, 2018

Meeting Leni Stern was a game changer for me. She has been named Gibson's Best Female Guitarist 5 years- and her liltling German accent reminds me of my German ancestors. This woman is one of my heroes. Last year we happened to be playing the same night at Silvana, Harlem. 

She opened my eyes to the African origins of the blues. Her songs on the NGoni (the Banjo's African Grandfather) as beguiling- and her tunes weave beautiful connections between what we term "World Music" and "Americana"- which is really an evolution or amalgam of African music. 

We start with a jam on my song "Flowers", with Leni on guitar and backing vocals. Next you'll hear her original "Show me your Face" with my backing vocals. 

This month we also feature the music of Mark Rogers- who is just releasing his EP "Rearranged". One to watch!

Here's the playlist:

Flowers- Caroline Ferrante

Show me Your Face- Leni Stern

Great Big Beautiful World- Caroline Ferrante

Like a Thief- Leni Stern

Right Here- Mark Rogers

Better Angels- Caroline Ferrante

Slow Parade- Mark Rogers

Wade in the Water (trad)- Caroline Ferrante & Leni Stern

Symphony- Caroline Ferrante

Jimmie Cone- Caroline Ferrante


Hope you enjoy!