Americana Radio Show

Artist in Residence Caroline Ferrante with regional & national songwriters from DC’s quirkiest venue- The Mansion on O

ARS #7 Mark Bryan of HBF & Songwriting Nerdfest

February 23rd, 2018

At gigs people often ask me who has signed my guitar- two of my heroes: Paul Williams & Mark Bryan. Mark walked into the Mediterranean room for our show in barefeet. Talk about real. Of course his room was just across the hall hidden behind some secret panel. He was literally drying his hair with a towel. 

Mark has a concert scheduled for the spring at O Mansion, so we thought we would pull out an old recording of a show from last year. Catch him in concert when you can--He is a MUST SEE. 

I was blessed to have Teporah Bilezikian on keys & Gary Cole on bass that night. Sweet trio. Mark was magic. Let me know what you think!


We started with my original "Feels like a Holiday"

Mark shared "Oh Charlie" and talked about the collaboration of HBF. 

Next is my original, "Great Big Beautiful World."

Then we got down and dirty into his songwriting practice, and we nerded out on the subject. 

Mark does a SWEET rendition of "Only Love Can Satisfy", talks about his influences, and closes his performance with "State Your Peace". 

Brooklyn based songwriter Dru Cutler is our musical feature and you'll hear three of his tunes: Familiar, Reason to Cry, and Dance Me to the End of Love. 

Mixed in with that is a jam recording with Gary and Teporah of the old trad. "Angel Band", my new release "Better Angels", and finally a tune from my Strand-(ed) CD, "Singalong with the Stars". 


Hope you enjoy!


Caroline Ferrante