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ARS #5 Gratitude, Paul Williams, & The Great Amigo

December 7th, 2017

Legendary Songwriter Paul Williams has always been a hero to me- First, as a child seeing him on all my favorite 70's shows, then hearing his songs on radio and in movies. Now that I am full-time songwriter and open about my flaws and struggles- I am even more grateful for his authenticity and transparency. So against the grain for a multiple grammy and academy award winner, right? 

In this episode Paul and I discuss our journeys through recovery, healing, and his New York Times Bestseller "Gratitude & Trust" (cowritten with Tracy Jackson). He shares about his time with Oprah, teaching at the Omega Institute, the "Still Alive" documentary, and his 4th term as the President of ASCAP. 

My songs are interspersed with interview, since in a podcast we can only broadcast songs to which we have exclusive rights: 

Symphony (SKY)

Great Big Beautiful World (SKY)

Better Angels (SKY)

Happiness (Strand-ed)

Life's Short, Wear Heels (LIVE from the Belfry)

Singalong with the Stars (Strand-ed)

Feels like a Holiday (SKY)

My favorite part of our conversation is talking songwriting with Paul- his favorite collaborations with Roger Nichols, Kenny Asher, Karen Carpenter, and how his songwriting process has evolved over time. I especially love how he trusts the moment, lets his subconscious work, opens a book after a prayer to "The Great Amigo" and then experiences the opening song for "Muppet Christmas Carol" bubbling forth. 

After the interview I had Paul sign my guitar- "Love and Light" it says. Its a touchstone for me. 

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. This was one of those interviews that changed me. 

Love & Light-