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Artist in Residence Caroline Ferrante with regional & national songwriters from DC’s quirkiest venue- The Mansion on O

ARS #12 Gumbo Part 2

January 11th, 2019

So the synergy gets going here....still in the midst of a national attack on the press through pipe bombs. And four songwriters with different voices, styles, points of view, and genres....we found unity through music. 

The day after 11 souls were lost in the biggest hate crime against Jewish Americans in US history- in a synagogue.

Three days after a man with a gun killed two-- trying to break into an African American church.

This is part two. 

Jamma Wun, Baltimore-based spoken word artist, producer, and rapper, brought powerful word and rhythm. 

Chuck Maddox, Baltimore beat boxer and poet, laid down beautiful beats and told riveting stories. 

Eli Lev, neo folk songwriter, brought beautiful songwriting and Native American Flute. 

And myself, Caroline Ferrante, in the mix with a few tracks from my upcoming EP "Empathy Project" mixed in.

We started with Eli Lev's "Treason". We all joined in, adding our unique flavors. And created some live, unrehearsed musical gumbo. 

Here's the breakdown:

Feels like Holiday- Caroline Ferrante (SKY)


Treason- Eli Lev (live on Native American flute & guitar) with Chuck Maddox on the beat, Jamma Wun with the rap, and myself on some vocals

Freddie's Song- Caroline Ferrante (live)

Pestilence- Chuck Maddox (live)

One Road- Eli Lev (live)

Ties that Bind- Caroline Ferrante (single prerelease- Empathy Project)

Around the Way- Chuck Maddox (live) with Caroline on guitar & Eli on flute

Water- Eli Lev with Megan Leigh (what a voice on this lady!)

What a Day- Caroline Ferrante (Empathy Project)

Troubles- Caroline Ferrante (Empathy Project)

Feels Like a Holiday- Caroline Ferrante (SKY)

And if you are interested in pre-ordering my new release for $9.99 scheduled for February 2019 (you'll get yours in January), please take a look here: The Empathy Project

The fact that so many of you keep following us and listening proves to me that we can have Americana music with open arms. Thanks for joining us on this journey. And Happy New Year to you!