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Artist in Residence Caroline Ferrante with regional & national songwriters from DC’s quirkiest venue- The Mansion on O

Americana Radio Show #9 Homegrown & Corn-Fed

April 28th, 2018

I started doing the Radio Show at O Mansion 5 years ago when a radio station from the UK wanted to broadcast my Americana Jams live. And over the years it's evolved into this once a month gathering of songwriters and artists- both regional and national (heck- international too!). It is a labor of love, and to see that 100 of you fine folks download our podcasts every DAY is just stunning to me! Thanks for listening and supporting the diverse, myriad voices that make Americana music a beautiful celebration of this melting pot we call home. 

I am not a DJ or a radio host. But I try. I'm just a fellow songwriter and musician. I wear a lot of hats.

This show, recorded 4/22, is a delight. Have I used that word about a podcast before? I'll have to check. But honestly, what a tremendous time we had last Sunday at O Street Mansion with our full house of listeners. 

I met these artists through Zach Parkman, the most excellent organizer of the Takoma Porch Festival. We'll be performing together across Takoma Park MD on May 12th, 2018. This is an incredible grass roots festival- a national movement really- that is building steam across the US. 

Here's the songlist--

1. Caroline Ferrante- Feels Like a Holiday (pre-show track)

2. Caroline Ferrante- Great Big Beautiful World

3. Zia Hassan- Lever (with Tom on lead guitar)

4. Sara Ghebremichael- Play Them Strings

5. Tom Lieberman- Devil I Know

6. Caroline Ferrante- Freddie's Song

7. Zia Hassan- Something New (with Tom on lead guitar)

8. Sara Ghebremichael- Angeline the Banjo

9. Tom Lieberman- Common Denominator

10. Caroline Ferrante- Symphony

11. Zia Hassan- Soul Breathing (with Caroline doing some unauthorized harmony)

12. Sara Ghebremichael- Side by Side

13. Tom Lieberman- That's Why I Love You Most


Thanks again for following us and downloading our podcasts! We are so very honored that you listen!


Caroline Ferrante


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