Americana Radio Show

Artist in Residence Caroline Ferrante with regional & national songwriters from DC’s quirkiest venue- The Mansion on O

Americana Radio Show #4 We Too, Part 2- ALLIES

November 15th, 2017

This is Part 2 of our songwriter circle on 10/22 at DC's Mansion on O Street with Lilith Mariana, Teporah, Jacqueline Pie Francis, and Crys Matthews. We get more into our stories of harassment in the music industry. As it was also Domestic Violence month, and many of us are survivors of assault, we shared songs borne from of our experience.

There is such hope and beauty in these beautiful women. And what makes us stronger is that we are intentional about being allies for one another. So many times artists can be competitive or catty, but as each one of us has such unique style and expression, we have found the power of championing each other's artistry. I personally think the best artists are usually just really great human beings. These are my ALLIES, as you will hear...


Caroline Ferrante